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I think newgrounds should have a literature portal...

2010-07-25 13:19:15 by Clavactis

I'm not a great artist, I lack the patience to make and decent flashes, and I lack any program to make music to put on here. I can however, write fairly well.

So I think newgrounds need a literature portal for people like me. Now, if they already do, please tell me, and spare me further embarrassment from other users who read this.

Also, if for some reason they is no chance of this ever happening, tell me that also, I know they don't allow actually photographs, is it the same with literature? Or is it just the fact that its too hard to tell if its plagiarized or not?

If this were to ever happen I would quickly post at some of the works I already have, and I would make more on my own time and post them here as well, and I'm sure there are other who would also, so it would be something for newgrounds to consider.


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2010-07-25 13:32:53

They're working on it but for now, we have is the Writing forum on the BBS: 8

Clavactis responds:

Really? cool, thanks for the the link.


2010-07-25 13:46:15

i agree i cant draw or do things with flash and photoshop, but im a decent writer, they should totally make one


2010-07-25 14:16:27

i thot they had one but now im thinking we should get one too! long live the lit portal!